Zelensky Fires Top General, Appoints New Commander, In Major Shake-Up

It's official: as we predicted even starting last month Ukraine's top general and commander of the armed forces is now out.

President Zelensky has confirmed that Gen. Valery Zaluzhny has been dismissed, in what appears part of a broader shake-up of top military and government leadership. Zelensky said it is "time for renewal".

Zelensky said Thursday he met with his army chief and that while it's time for significant "changes" - Zaluzhny should remain "on his team". Though the decision had been rumored and reported for over a week, presumably the stall was to negotiate and ensure peaceful transition of the top defense post. There were also widespread reports that Zaluzhny had refused to step down.

"We discussed what renewal the Armed Forces of Ukraine need. We also discussed who could be in the renewed leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The time for this renewal is now," Zelensky announced in an English statement on X and Telegram.

Volodymyr Zelensky by President Of Ukraine is licensed under flickr Creative Commons
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