Who Is Running the White House? Because This Article Spills Some Disturbing Details.

Joe Biden’s disastrous June 27 debate has sparked an ongoing meltdown within the Democratic Party that has yet to subside. His ABC News interview didn’t quell any concerns about his mental health. He might have accentuated them with the gross poll denialism exhibited by the president. There have been so many stories about discord, anger, anxiety, and Joe losing his mental faculties that the primary one of concern is getting lost in the noise: who is running the country? 

The tales of pervasive senility are not new or lost on conservatives; we’ve seen Joe and know he’s half-dead. But an article in Semafor from an unnamed source from a “scared” Biden aide paints a picture that is unsettling about the inner workings of the White House, which in some ways is a Nixonian throwback regarding secrecy (via Semafor): 

Midday on the Fourth of July, I received a call from a government official with regular access to the West Wing, who said they had reached a breaking point and wanted to sound the alarm.

The person insisted on careful ground rules: No details on the specific policy area they’d work on, no gender, age, or sexual orientation. Their credibility basically depends on my vouching that they’re a serious person, which I can do — though I should also say this person has nothing to say about the president’s physical condition, and was limited to their own experience outside Biden’s tight inner circle. 

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