Watch Rubio’s incredible response to an atheist who says he’s running to be ‘Pastor-In-Chief’

When a self-described atheist asked Marco Rubio this week how a candidate who spends so much time talking about religious liberty and “pandering” to evangelical voters could possibly represent him, Rubio delivered one of the most articulate responses a Republican politician ever has to such a question.

Rubio remains well below business mogul Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz in most polling, both nationally and in early-voting states. But with some of the GOP’s large base of evangelics questioning the sincerity of Trump’s faith, Rubio’s responses to questions like this could compel them to give his candidacy another look.

Check out the exchange in the video above. A transcript of his remarks is below.

Alabama’s primary is set to take place March 1st.

I’m an atheist voter. I represent millions of atheists and non-theists around the country. We’re one of the fastest growing voting blocs. You said earlier you want to stand up for religious freedom, and all of that. My question is, for atheist voters who are looking for somebody who will uphold their rights as Americans and not pander to a certain religious group… how do you plan on upholding our rights?… There are talks in our community about you running as pastor-in-chief, rather than commander-in-chief, so I’m curious to get your thoughts.
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