Violence Erupts At Holocaust Museum Where Film Of Hamas Atrocities Screened

When the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles screened footage on Wednesday night of Hamas atrocities from their October 7 attack on Israel, violent clashes broke out as anti-Israel activists moved in to “disrupt” demonstrations by Jewish supporters of Israel, prompting police to respond.

Roughly 200 people, including Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, an official with the Israel Defense Forces, and Hollywood executives, showed up for the screening of “Bearing Witness,” a 43-minute film showing the Hamas atrocities. Some of the footage was actually taken by the Hamas terrorists themselves.

The film reportedly excluded Hamas’ murder of infants and rape of women that has been widely revealed elsewhere, prompting some attendees to react with anger, saying that people should see the full barbarity of the atrocities committed by Hamas, The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Israel flag on pole by Taylor Brandon is licensed under Unsplash
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