Trump Announces Plans To Reject CBDCs, Promote Free Speech in AI, Ban Government Censorship, and Defund Censorship Institutions

As the US presidential election draws closer, Republicans and Donald Trump have come out with some key policy pledges, with the big picture message described as “a return to common sense” when it comes to tech.

Among problems like the economy in general, geopolitics, and a variety of trends influencing society, the platform mentions central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), cryptocurrencies, freedom of speech, government involvement in censorship, and AI development.

This party platform was adopted by the Republican National Committee (RNC) and offers promises of reversing some of the most controversial policies endorsed and executed by the current White House.

One is the effort to push for the introduction of a digital dollar (CBDC) – a centralized digital currency that opponents have for a long time rejected as yet another tool to further limit and weaken people’s financial independence and privacy while adding more building blocks into the foundations of mass surveillance.

President Trump Departs for South Carolina by Trump White House Archived is licensed under flickr Public Domain Mark 1.0
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