Toll of Border Crisis on States: Texas

As the border crisis rages, each state feels its own financial and human toll from the influx of illegal aliens who get help from the Biden administration to make their way into the interior of the United States and into every congressional district in the country.

This is Part 2 in a series about the toll that the federal government’s intentional promotion of illegal immigration is taking on the states and their citizens. (Read Part 1 here.)

The border state of Texas and Gov. Greg Abbott remain in the spotlight as the people there face some of the biggest hardships of any state two years into the Biden border crisis.

By 2021, Texans were already paying between $579 million and $717 million annually to provide medical care for illegal aliens, $152 million per year to house criminal illegal aliens in prisons, between $31 million and $63 million each year on education for unaccompanied alien children, and between $30 million and $38 million annually on perinatal coverage for illegal aliens through the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Homeless by NCSphotography is licensed under flickr Creative Commons
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