This is how members of Congress get rich while you stay poor

American families are struggling more today than they have in a very long time, but guess whose portfolios are not struggling? Members of Congress. Is that fair? Is that why we sent them to Washington?

The newest Blaze Originals documentary, “Bought and Paid For: How Politicians Get Filthy Rich,” debuted on Tuesday, and I am still shocked that we are the only ones addressing this topic head on. You should watch it. This is something that we need to fix because the soul of our country is being tainted. Our members of Congress have been compromised, and they are voting on policies that prefer their portfolios over their constituents.

The term “redistribution of wealth” has been the rallying cry of radical leftists for more than a century. From Karl Marx to the Bolsheviks and Mao, they all stated, in their own ways, that they wanted to take money from one group of people and give it to another group of people. The popular campaign catchphrase paraded by the left, “An economy for everyone,” is the utopian — or dystopian — end goal of this wealth redistribution. But who did leftists actually mean by “everyone”? Where was all the money going?

In the Soviet Union, members of the working class didn't improve their station in life. It was the political class that got rich and reaped all the rewards. Mao, while millions were starving to death, had his own indoor swimming pool. “An economy for everyone!” That phrase is now being used as the rallying cry by some of the most powerful political institutions and elected officials in the country right now.

100 U.S. dollar banknote lot by Mackenzie Marco is licensed under Unsplash
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