‘They Think They Own Our Kids’: Michigan Moms Speak Out After Democrat Party Trashes Parental Rights

Several moms from Michigan have spoken out against the Democratic Party in their state publishing – and then deleting – a Facebook post that bashed parents for wanting a say in what their children were taught in school.

The mothers went on “Fox & Friends” to express their outrage at the condescending post from the state’s Democratic Party.

“I think that the Michigan Democratic Party, teachers unions, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer, they think they own our kids,” said Tori Sachs, a mom of four, according to Fox News.

Sachs called the message from the Democratic Party “especially disturbing,” since they kept advocating for schools to remain closed during the pandemic despite scientific evidence suggesting it was unnecessary, as well as Whitmer’s vetoing of scholarships that would have allowed parents to pay for at-home tutoring or for their kids to attend a different school.
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