Texas National Guard soldier accused of attempting to smuggle illegal alien across border: 'I am so stupid'

Texas National Guard soldier admitted that he demonstrated a serious lapse in judgment after officials reportedly caught him attempting to smuggle an illegal alien across the southern border in a government-issued SUV that also had a weapon inside.

Just before 4 p.m. last Sunday, an unidentified Texas National Guard soldier was arrested in or near Kinney County, Texas, after the government vehicle he had been driving at some point also carried a passenger suspected of being an illegal immigrant, according to reporting from Ali Bradley, a NewsNation journalist covering the southern border.

Law enforcement became suspicious after the soldier quickly "turned around when he approached a pop-up tactical Border Patrol checkpoint off 674 in Kinney County that had only been operational for a few days," Bradley wrote, citing Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe. Agents with the Texas Department of Public Safety then began pursuing the vehicle and ultimately brought it to a stop using spike strips.

After the driver, who was wearing street clothes, had been extricated from the vehicle, the officers on the scene seemed to sense immediately that they'd stumbled upon a sensitive case involving one of their own. When examining various cards ostensibly removed from the driver's wallet, several officials try to determine the driver's military affiliation.

Texas DPS by SSG Michelle Gonzalez is licensed under Digital Chief National Guard Bureau
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