Second-Chance Campaigners Seek Vindication After 2022 Losses

Defeated congressional candidates trying again to punch their tickets to Capitol Hill are about to find out if voters see them as seasoned and well-known or rejected and bruised.

“We needed two more weeks of momentum or probably another $200,000,” said Colorado businessman Adam Frisch (D), who lost the closest House race in the US when Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) was re-elected by 546 votes.

“We ran a great campaign, but this just gives us more time to tell our story—more about pro-Adam, not just ‘well, Boebert needs to go’,” he said in an interview. “And we’re able to raise the money that we need.”

Of the 14 closest US House races last year, five defeated candidates, including Frisch, have initiated rematch campaigns. Some others are openly considering it.

Ohio by Zach Vessels is licensed under Unsplash
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