Republican Kari Lake shocks with opposition to pro-life ruling, claims Arizona needs a 'common sense solution'

Arizona Republican Kari Lake, the presumptive GOP nominee for a United States Senate seat, opposes the pro-life ruling in Arizona.

On Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that a state law, passed in 1864 decades before Arizona became a state, is enforceable. The law not only prohibits abortion — except in cases to save a mother's life — but makes it a felony to perform one or help a woman procure one.

In a statement, Lake condemned the ruling and claimed the "pre-statehood law is out of step with Arizonans."

"I am the only woman and mother in this race. I understand the fear, anxiety and joy of pregnancy and motherhood. I wholeheartedly agree with President Trump — this is a very personal issue that should be determined by each individual state and her people," Lake said.

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