Republican candidate for Congress cites his experience

“Look at the qualifications of the candidates and what they’ve done before in their life,” said Dan Wilczynski. “I don’t like that this is a name-recognition game.”

Wilczynski — who lives in Walbridge in the Toledo area and is the town’s former mayor — is one of four announced candidates, so far, seeking the Republican nomination in the May 2024 primary to oppose Kaptur in the 9th Congressional District. The district covers all of Erie, Ottawa and Sandusky counties among others bordering these areas.

His resume includes working in the energy business, specifically the natural gas industry and at the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant. Wilczynski, 62, said the top issue for everyone is dealing with inflation and the devaluation of the dollar.

United States Capitol on Sunny Day by Andy Feliciotti is licensed under Unsplash
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