Protesters gathered outside LA State Rep. Dodie Horton to stand against HB 466 aka Don't Say Gay Bill

Members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community attempted to gather in front of state representative Dodie Horton’s district office to protest House Bill 466. 

There was tension in the air after the group was asked to move.

Bossier Sheriff’s Office and the property owner asked the protestors to move from the strip mall property where Horton’s office is located.

HB 466 has been nicknamed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by those who oppose it.

The bill states no teacher or school employee can engage in discussions with students on topics of sexual orientation or gender identity.  Students can seek out guidance from a teacher or licensed health professional outside classroom hours with prior parental consent.

Finally, no school employee or student shall be required to use pronouns for a person that differs from that person’s birth certificate without a parent’s prior parental consent. However, the parental direction doesn’t have to be followed if it would violate a teacher’s or fellow student’s religious beliefs.

rally by Mika Baumeister is licensed under Unsplash
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