Pizza Hut Becomes Latest Fast-Food Chain To Push Drag Queen Propaganda Onto Kids

Fast-food chains are seemingly competing in woke Olympics to see who can virtue signal the hardest amidst this year’s Pride Month.

Burger King debuted its “Pride Whopper,” which uses two top or two bottom buns to promote “equal love and equal rights.” And Taco Bell is hosting “Drag Queen Brunches” to create a new “immersive fan experience.” Now, Pizza Hut wants children to read more LGBTQ books in exchange for free pizza.

The BOOK IT! Program, which has been a unique program at Pizza Hut since 1984, has always encouraged America’s youth to read more books. The program has just gone woke, however, as it is now promoting a book that features a little boy dressed in drag.

The book is called Big Wig, and it exposes young and innocent children to drag queens and transgenderism, amongst other controversial themes. According to the book’s publisher, the book “celebrates the universal childhood experience of dressing up and the confidence that comes with putting on a costume.”
Share the Good Time by مشعال بن الذاهد is licensed under Unsplash
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