Pennsylvania Governor Vetoes Law That Would Require Schools to Reveal Curriculum Online

The Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania vetoed a law that would require school districts to post information regarding textbooks, class content and academic standards online, shooting down the effort to provide transparency to parents regarding their children’s schools.

Governor Tom Wolf vetoed the legislation a week ago, before Christmas. A statement from the progressive made it all but clear he intended to enshrine the teaching of anti-white critical race theory in schools, a divisive phenomenon the Republican-controlled state legislature had sought to clamp down on with House Bill 1332.

“This legislation is a thinly veiled attempt to restrict truthful instruction and censor content reflecting various cultures, identities, and experiences,” Wolf said in a veto message. “My administration is committed to creating a safe learning environment for all students, and we will not take part in this dangerous and harmful imposition.” The law passed both chambers in Pennsylvania’s state legislature on near-unanimous party lines, with Republicans in support and Democrats opposed.
online class by Thomas Park is licensed under Unsplash
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