"Never Embrace Socialism... Or The Siren Song Of Social Justice" - Argentine Presidential Candidate Milei Warns Tucker Of The Dangers Of Statism

Argentina's leading presidential candidate Javier Milei - a self-described anarcho-capitalist who won the primaries with 30% of the vote - sat down with Tucker Carlson this week in Buenos Aires for a wide-ranging discussion.

Prior to the interview, Carlson documented first-hand the hyperinflationary perils of statism run wild...

Carlson and Milei talked about why the citizens of Argentina are fed up with the relentless lack of change and the relentless economic decline, echoing many similar patterns taking place in America, with the one-time congressman explaining his platform of radical change which would include the dissolution of numerous socialist institutions and the very central bank which has led Argentina into multiple fiscal crisis events.

Milei's advice to Americans is simple: “Never embrace the ideas of socialism."

Bandera de Argentina by Angelica Reyes is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com
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