Microsoft Pledges Support For Abortion, ‘Gender Affirming Care’ Travel Costs For Employees And Their Dependents

Does your videogame company support a woman’s right to annihilate her child in the womb? Does it pay for costs related to a medically-induced gender transition for employees’ dependents?  Microsoft certainly appears to be in favor of having access to such services.

The software company confirmed in a statement to The Washington Post that it supports and will protect a woman’s right to get an abortion, as well as “gender-affirming care.” Additionally, it will be extending company benefits to include covering travel expenses for employees who have to go out of state in order to legally receive both procedures for themselves or their dependents.

For some reason, The Post was concerned about the relative silence from the videogame industry regarding Roe v. Wade. The outlet reached out to 20 companies to find out how these corporations truly feel about the topic. A spokesperson for Microsoft — the parent company of Xbox which publishes such games as Halo, Gears of War, and Microsoft Solitaire — affirmed to The Post their fealty to progressive ideology as it relates to gender and abortion.

“Microsoft will continue to do everything we can under the law to protect our employees’ rights and support employees and their enrolled dependents in accessing critical health care — which already includes services like abortion and gender-affirming care — regardless of where they live across the U.S.,” Microsoft told The Post.
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