Maricopa County Attorney on track for record fentanyl prosecutions

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell explained the rise in fentanyl prosecutions on Tuesday, as state leaders make various announcements on National Fentanyl Awareness Day. 

The county attorney's office said in a news release that there was a roughly 20% increase in cases related to deadly opioids from 2022 to 2023, and is anticipating an uptick once again with 2,214 fentanyl cases as of April. In 2023, there was a staggering 7,877 cases of "submittals for prosecution."

The news release referred to the numbers as "record-setting," as well as raising further concern about how large numbers of the drug coming in pills are becoming more common.

“As a community, we need to be a united front in the fight against fentanyl. To do that effectively, members of the community need to know what we’re facing together,” Mitchell said in a statement on Tuesday. 

Fentanyl by Randy Laybourne is licensed under Unsplash
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