Invasion: Illegal Aliens Continue to Breach Military Installations

The Biden administration’s open-border policies have permitted illegal aliens to wreak havoc on the United States through violent crime and welfare leeching. 

However, another facet of the crisis has gone largely unnoticed: breaches of military installations. Press releases as far back as January of this year document illegal aliens’ unauthorized, invasion-like entry onto various bases around Texas.

“After three years and more than 10 million illegal aliens, and after a growing increase in military base breaches, enough is enough,” wrote Zach Reyna and Selene Rodriguez of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “What more is it going to take for the Biden-Harris administration to realize our border security crisis is an ongoing terrorism threat?”

TPPF notes several different instances of illegal aliens breaching military bases. For example, during the morning of January 21, Laughlin Air Force Base was notified of a high-speed chase by the Texas Department of Public Safety headed towards the installation. 

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