HRC Confirms Conservative Warnings About Ohio Amendment

Radical LGBT activist group Human Rights Campaign endorsed an amendment on the Ohio ballot this fall, even linking it to “LGBTQ+ rights,” after leftists and their allies in the corporate media spent months insisting the amendment had nothing to do with gender experiments.

The constitutional amendment in question, which voters will decide on in November, would enshrine abortion up until birth in the Ohio Constitution and also override parental consent laws for gender-dysphoric minors seeking irreversible surgeries and disfiguring hormone injections.

HRC, one of the far left’s premier lobbying groups, claimed in its Aug. 15 press release that it supports the initiative because it wants to “Secure Abortion as a Legal Right in Ohio.”

The second to last paragraph in the blog post announcing HRC’s support, however, indicates that the organization knows how the ballot proposal fares will have an effect on “LGBTQ+ rights, abortion rights, and, more broadly, Ohioans’ rights and values.”

Transgender Flag 1 by Lena Balk is licensed under Unsplash
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