House GOP vows consequences for government weaponization with budget cuts, criminal referrals

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  • Source: Just The News
  • 06/04/2024

After 17 months of relentless investigation, House Republicans are moving to impose consequences on federal bureaucrats they believe weaponized government for political purposes. The first round will come in the form of budget cuts and criminal referrals, key lawmakers tell Just the News.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan unleashed the first major strike of this new phase, submitting on Monday a sweeping roadmap to defund agencies and prosecutors who pursued conservatives, including former President Donald Trump.

“[We] should use the power of the purse, I was all for doing that, it’s why I opposed the big omnibus spending, it's why I oppose the, you know, when we gave 200 million for a new FBI headquarters, for goodness sake, how wrong was that? But yes, we should use the power of the purse. Unfortunately, we haven't to the degree we need to we just didn’t,” Jordan told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Monday.

“We're working on talking with with the appropriations committee about…what we should focus on there on these appropriation bills. So all those are levers we're supposed to use,” he added.

U.S. Capitol under clear blue sky by Alejandro Barba is licensed under Unsplash
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