House Dems look to oust Biden—leaving Kamala to inherit $240 million in donations and the presidential campaign

Following Biden’s dismal performance at CNN’s presidential debate Thursday, a group of at least 25 House Democrats are preparing to call for Biden to step aside. Calls for Biden to step down or end his reelection bid have come from all ends of the political spectrum, including Democrat-run news outlets and pundits.

One House Democratic aide told Reuters that there are at least 25 House Dems preparing to call for Biden to step aside in the coming days. The New York Post reported that centrist House Democrats, in competitive districts at risk of losing their seats come November, are considering writing a letter to Biden to express their alarm.

These moderate House Democrats have also been receiving numerous questions from constituents in their districts this week, a second House Democratic aide told Reuters. "It looks like the dam has broken," the aide said.

Vice President Kamala Harris by The White House is licensed under flickr U.S. Government Works
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