Here's How TX State Troopers Are Taking on Mexican Cartels

The borderlands in the Rio Grande Valley are some of the most volatile, particularly on the Mexican side, due to brutal wars between the Northeast Cartel, which is remnants of the infamous Los Zetas, and the Gulf Cartel, which is comprised of different factions who also fight against each other.

Texas state troopers with the Rangers Special Operations Group (SOG), under Operation Lone Star, are clearing an island in the Rio Grande to further deny the different criminal groups areas to conduct drug or human smuggling operations. Fronton, Texas is a well-known smuggling corridor that often sees cartel members operating in the open.

Near Fronton on the Mexico side of the border is Ciudad Miguel Alemán, a city that consistently sees battles between the warring cartel groups and Mexican authorities. 


Texas State Trooper by SSG Michelle Gonzalez is licensed under Flickr Anthony Dragani
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