Here’s What We Know About The Alleged Highland Park Parade Shooter

An Independence Day celebration turned into a deadly mass shooting on Monday in Highland Park, Illinois, which left at least six people dead and 30 others hospitalized, leading to authorities identifying and arresting a 22-year-old suspect.

Previous articles included the suspect’s name because he was still at large, but due to The Daily Wire’s policy against publishing the names of mass shooters, his name will be redacted in all future stories.

The suspect opened fire from a suburban Chicago rooftop that sent hundreds of parade-goers fleeing the scene leaving behind personal belongings like chairs, strollers, and bicycles, police said.

“This was very random, very intentional, and a very sad day,” Sgt. Christopher Covelli, of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, during a press update.
American Flag in Southampton by Pierre Bouyer is licensed under Unsplash
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