Graham Brings the Receipts Against Democrat Attacks on the Supreme Court

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  • Source: Townhall
  • 05/02/2023
The hearing comes after weeks of attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas and Chief Justice John Roberts from leftist dark money groups and their allies in the media. 

"Senate Democrats are holding a political hearing on Tuesday. And pretending there's an "ethics problem" on the Supreme Court. (There's not.) To delegitimize--and destroy--the Supreme Court. Because the Court is in their way. It's the last line of defense," former Supreme Court Clerk Mike Davis explained on Twitter. "Stopping politicians from running over our rights as Americans. Including the rights to speak, associate, worship, and protect ourselves. So Senate Democrats are working with their lapdogs in the media, to plant bogus stories--especially over the last couple weeks, in the buildup to Tuesday."

Republican Ranking Member Lindsey Graham wasted no time bringing receipts and combatting the double standard currently being issued by Democrats toward conservative Supreme Court Justices. 
Lindsey Graham by U.S. Customs and Border Protection is licensed under flickr U.S. Government Works
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