Former prosecutors call Manhattan DA's soft-on-crime policies 'definition of insanity'

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 01/07/2022
Former prosecutors turned defense attorneys called the new Manhattan District Attorney’s soft-on-crime policies the "definition of insanity" and "shocking."

Alvin Bragg released a memo on his third day in office, ordering prosecutors not to seek prison sentences for a slew of crimes and to downgrade charges – including for robberies and commercial burglaries.

Daniel Bibb, who worked as a Manhattan assistant district attorney for 24 years, said he’s never seen an approach like this.

"Imagine you’re a clerk in a bodega and are the victim of a knifepoint robbery, not only could the guy not go to jail, he could get charged with a misdemeanor," Bibb told Fox News. "That is the definition of insanity."
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