Dozens of Illegal Aliens Accused of Border Riot Released Into the US

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson confirmed that dozens of illegal aliens who were accused of violently storming the border in El Paso were released into the United States. 

On March 21, video footage from a reporter at the border showed hundreds of illegal border crossers rioting and attempting to get around the Texas National Guard at the border. The foreign nationals used a break in the fencing—that the Texas National Guard was attempting to repair—to push past the guardsmen. 

As a result, 214 illegal aliens were charged by the Texas Department of Public Safety with a state Class B misdemeanor, and nine were charged with felony rioting and/or criminal mischief and assault.

However, in May, an El Paso judge dismissed the criminal charges against all the illegal aliens. The illegal aliens were then released from state custody and handed over to ICE, which allowed 43 of them to be released into the country, according to a spokesman. 

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