DNC Member James Zogby Lays Out Biden Replacement Plan That ‘Solves’ Kamala Harris, ‘Chaos’ Problems

Democratic National Committee (DNC) member James Zogby laid out a potential process Tuesday on CNN to replace President Joe Biden on his party’s 2024 ticket.

Biden was noticeably stumbling and spoke with a raspy voice Thursday during the Democratic incumbent’s heavily criticized debate performance. Since then, the Biden campaign has been in damage control as discussions about the president to step down have increased among voters, the media and Democratic officials.

Zogby told CNN’s Erica Hill that he proposed plans for a “controlled process” to the DNC chair that would draft a new 2024 Democratic nominee. The DNC member said there was enough time for his proposed “mini primary process,” explaining that weeks can “become a lifetime” in politics.

“I laid out a plan. I sent it to the party chair, and I’ve circulated it with many other DNC members,” Zogby said. “It’s a plan to create a controlled process whereby DNC members would be authorized to endorse candidates, they would be certified by the party secretary and then the process would begin with town halls that would be televised that the party would sponsor. And then we come to the convention.”

Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under flickr Creative Commons
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