Disney World Theme Park Will Issue Pronoun Pins To Janitorial Staff: Report

Sources claim that Disney World is offering pronoun pins to their employees in its latest act of blatant virtue signaling. 

Multiple employees at the theme park spoke anonymously with The Daily Caller about a new DEI initiative that will begin with janitors who work in the Florida theme park and then roll out to other Disney employees. Photos shared by the sources showed that theme park and EPCOT employees can fill out a form with their preferred pronouns to have them added to their name pin by scanning a QR code.

“Hi everyone, we are excited to introduce pronoun name tags in our area!” the form says. “Pronoun name tags help us understand each other more and bring a positive impact within our community!”

The outlet noted that pronoun pins are still being used voluntarily, per their sources.

Walt Disney World by Jayme McColgan is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com
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