DeSantis: ‘If You Stand Your Ground … If You Don’t Back Down … There’s A Groundswell Of Folks Who Will Have Your Back’

Sitting down with Fox News host Mark Levin, Florida GOP governor Ron DeSantis responded to Levin’s comment that DeSantis has been the target of the media and Democrats because he has been so effective asserting, “If you stand your ground, if you lead, if you don’t back down and just stand for the right things, there’s a groundswell of folks who will have your back.”

Levin pointed out, “You know, the bigger picture here, there’s a lot of governors — at least 50 last time I checked — there’s many Republican governors. Yet you are the focus. So I suspect if you are an ineffective governor, you wouldn’t threaten the left-wing media, the Democrat party….You have some really terrible media here. This is me speaking. Palm Beach is just a disaster; Orlando, Tampa, disaster, like most of the rest of the country.”

“If you were a mediocre Democrat governor, or if you had been a Cuomo, a disastrous governor, you wouldn’t be getting this kind of attention, would you?” he asked.

“No,” DeSantis answered bluntly. “Look, when you’re over the target, they’re gonna come at you. But what I view it as, I view it as positive feedback. If the corporate press nationally isn’t attacking me, then I’m probably not doing my job. So the fact that they are attacking me is a good indication that you know what? I’m tackling the big issues. We’re going after Critical Race Theory; we’re fighting back against Biden’s mandates; we’re fighting back against the illegal immigration, all those things that a vast majority of Floridians and Americans want to see done.”
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