CODY: The Complacent Can Look to Tennessee to Confront Transgender Ideology.

The innocence of American children is at risk, as far-leftists continue their unholy crusade to brainwash the minds of minors with revisionist history, transgender ideology, and psychological warfare against traditional, moral values. The state of Tennessee is currently setting the example on legislation that matters.

In autumn, state officials rebuked the Vanderbilt University Medical Center for performing and promoting genital mutilation surgeries. This led to “The Rally to End Child Mutilation” held in Nashville, featuring state legislators, federal officials, and conservative personalityMatt Walsh. A coalition against what the far-left calls “gender-affirming care” was established, and garnered immediate national attention.

The bicameral body of Tennessee’s legislature has taken more severe measures since, passing a bill that would effectively ban “drag queen” shows on public grounds, or in areas where they could be viewed by children. Another bill prohibits genital mutilation surgeries for minors, and Governor Bill Lee has now signed both pieces of legislation, implementing the most stringent laws in the country protecting children from gender perversions.

Republicans across the country would do well emulate Tennessee in fighting for children against the far left. After all, it’s terrifying all the right people.’

Pride Parade 2021. by Manny Becerra is licensed under Unsplash
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