Check Out Ben Carson’s Response When Atheist Asks What Role Faith Will Play in a Carson Presidency

During a town hall meeting in Iowa Friday, Republican presidential contender Ben Carson was asked what role his faith would play in his administration. What made the moment unique might not have been the question itself, but the voter who asked it — an atheist.

“I’m an atheist voter; I’m not planted here,” the questioner declared. “I am born and raised in Iowa. I have a question about how your faith will play a role in your presidency.”

“OK,” the retired neurosurgeon cautiously replied.

he atheist voter then went on to tell Carson that he’s seen “some candidates” proclaim that biblical law trumps constitutional law and asked, “Do you agree with that?”

In addition, the questioner invoked GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s claim that he is a Christian first and an American second, asking if that holds true for Carson as well.

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