Carlson: ‘This Is the Point Where We’re Just Going to Have to Draw the Line — No, Joe Biden, You Can’t Have a Federally Funded Ministry of Truth’

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 04/29/2022
Thursday, FNC host Tucker Carlson decried recently unveiled efforts from the Biden administration to crack down on so-called disinformation through the use of the federal government’s power.

Homeland Security Secretary announced his cabinet agency was establishing a disinformation governance board “to more effectively combat” what he deemed a threat to election and homeland security.
CARLSON: When Elon Musk first announced that he was buying Twitter, it was pretty obvious the Democratic Party would soon become unhinged, not just angry or annoyed in the way you’re very used to, but instead, legitimately terrified and hysterical.

Imagine how you’d feel if an armed intruder broke into your home at three in the morning. You couldn’t exactly know where things were going, but you’d be dead certain that everything was at stake. That’s how Democrats feel right now. Because in fact, everything is at stake.
Video by screenshot is licensed under Breitbart n/a
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