Cardi B slams Eric Adams for brutal cuts to NYPD, says crimes will 'go through the roof'

Rapper Cardi B has reportedly declared “crimes are gonna go through the roof” after Democratic Mayor Eric Adams announced drastic budget cuts last week including a slashing of the NYPD budget, in response to the flood of illegal immigrants that have overwhelmed the Big Apple.

In a livestream video obtained by The Daily Mail, the Grammy Winning artist stated, “What’s going to happen to my nieces, what’s going to happen to my nephews, what’s going to happen to my cousins, my aunts, my friends that’s living in the hood?”

She continued, “I’m from the Bronx, I don’t want to see my sh*t affected…Everybody be like ‘New York is dirty,’ and it is dirty. And we’re going to get even dirtier with the f*cking budget cut.”

“Crimes are gonna go through the roof because there is a police safety budget cut. And on top of that there’s a sanitation f*cking budget cut so that means we’re gonna be drowning in rats,”
NYPD by Campbell Jensen is licensed under Unsplash
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