California City Gets Rid of Homeless Population Problem With Zero-Tolerance Measures Against Homeless Encampments

Over the last few years, cities in California have been mired by a widespread homeless crisis that has resulted in the state government and cities across the state spending billions to address the problem, with little to no success. In fact, most cities haven’t even bothered to take down homeless encampments. 

One city in California has decided to buck this trend, however. Under Republican Mayor Richard Bailey, the city of Coronado is currently reporting the lowest level of homelessness in the Golden State. 

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends First”, Bailey explained how his city has no vagrants at all. Namely, he highlighted how his government implemented a no-encampment policy that still upheld the rule of law. 

“The policies that are in place at the regional and statewide level that are tolerating this type of behavior that is personally destructive and also destructive to the surrounding communities are really enabling this situation to increase throughout our entire state, and throughout our entire region,” Bailey said to Ashley Strohmier.

The New Suburbs by michael_swan is licensed under flickr Creative Commons
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