BREAKING: Trump stands for American families, backs IVF, Reagan exceptions to abortion, states’ rights under Dobbs

President Donald Trump released a much-anticipated statement on the abortion and gave a glimpse at his policy positions should he gain a second term in the White House Trump touted his record of overturning of Roe v Wade via the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision in 2022, which would not have happened without Trump's nomination of conservative justices to the bench.
Trump backed IVF, a procedure which has faced legal challenges in Alabama, and offered the Reagan exceptions to abortion, namely in cases of rape, incest, or where the life of the mother is at stake. Trump offered support for American families and family creation, and said the GOP would always support families.

"The Republican Party will always support the creation of strong, thriving, and healthy American families," Trump said.
President Donald J. Trump by Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead) is licensed under flickr Public Domain
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