Body cam footage of NYPD officers being attacked by illegal immigrants released

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office released police body camera footage on Thursday showing the attack on two NYPD officers in Times Square by illegal immigrants. 

The video shows the two officers approaching the group, asking them to move off the sidewalk. One officer approached suspect Yohenry Brito, who was wearing yellow, who pushed an officer’s hand out of the way in an attempt to move the suspect from the center of the sidewalk toward the building, according to ABC 7.  While one officer stood with Brito against the building, Brito appears to break free, and the two officers attempt to apprehend him. Some members of the group were seen kicking the officers as they were on the ground with Brito. 
NYPD Car racing in New York by Gianandrea Villa is licensed under Unsplash
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