Biden’s Gaza pier is a dangerous, illogical election-year gimmick

For the next month and a half, a small group of Army logistics vessels will inch across the Atlantic, traveling at a third of the speed of a Navy warship. Then, according to the Biden administration, soldiers will take two months to build a floating pier to deliver food and aid to Gaza. All told, relief may not meet needy hands for months — barring any delays. 

One would be hard-pressed to find a more dangerous and illogical election-year gimmick from our commander in chief. 

A casual glance at this “emergency mission” prompts several questions, each of which has an unsatisfying answer. They all clearly indicate that the person best served by this mission is not the American citizen, the U.S. service member, the Palestinian civilian, or the Israeli soldier, but President Joe Biden, candidate for reelection.  

I am demanding answers for this waste of tax dollars and military readiness capability. 


Joe Biden by Adam Schultz is licensed under White House White House
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