Biden admin forces ICE to tell illegal immigrants how to game asylum system

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has sent a memo to employees that appears to make it easier for those crossing the border illegally to claim asylum. This comes as Biden signed an executive order Tuesday that issues new restrictions on the number of illegal immigrants being allowed into the country, but still lets at least 1.5 million in every year.

ICE acting director Patrick J Lechleitner sent the instructions to employees on Tuesday. The memo, obtained by the New York Post, states that signage must be posted in areas such as intake and in-processing areas, housing units, medical units, and dining areas. These signs appear to instruct illegal immigrants on what to say to qualify for asylum in the country.

The language on these signs provided by ICE headquarters states, "If you are hungry or thirsty, need medical care, fear persecution or torture if removed from the United States, have been a victim of abuse, have been a victim of a sexual assault, have witnessed a crime, tell an officer. Your claim will be heard. You may be referred to a medical professional, an asylum officer, or other law enforcement professional."

The signs are required to be posted in English and Spanish, and additional translations to languages such as Arabic, Haitian Creole, Punjabi, Russian, and Simplified Chinese will be available to ICE officers.

President Joe Biden by The White House is licensed under flickr U.S. Government Works
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