America’s Largest Catholic College Now Promoting At Least Eight Different Genders

DePaul University, the largest Catholic college in the United States, apparently “jumped at the opportunity” to provide students with at least eight different genders to choose from on official college documents and other student life forms, despite the fact that it likely goes against official Catholic Church teaching on God’s creation of “man” and “woman.” The change comes as DePaul’s Student Government Association (SGA) recently stated that “misgendering” somebody is an “act of violence.”

The College Fix recently flagged that DePaul’s student portal known as “Campus Connect,” a website used for keeping “information on and for students, faculty and staff for communication and other purposes,” now allows students to “choose either: male, female, intersex, non-binary, transgender male, transgender female, cisgender, unspecified and ‘I do not wish to self-identify.'”

The announcement was made on January 4 and Michael Wright, assistant vice president at DePaul’s Registrar Office, said the college wanted to “promote ways for students to express their identity if they choose to do so.”

The school’s student newspaper reported that the information “is only viewable by specific staff within DePaul’s Registrar’s Office, but can be granted to faculty and staff for academic needs.”
Transgender Flag 2 by Lena Balk is licensed under Unsplash
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