20 New Boeing Whistleblowers Emerge to Expose the Company's Dangerous Practices in Airplane Manufacturing

20 new credible whistleblowers formerly employed by Boeing or their subcontractors are speaking out to raise awareness of the military defense contractor’s dangerous practices in manufacturing airplanes – even following the mysterious death of the most prominent Boeing whistleblower.

Two of the whistleblowers, long-time Boeing employee Roy Irvin and Santiago Paredes of Spirit AeroSystems, spoke to the New York Post about the abuses they personally witnessed while on the job.

“I was at the end of the production line and so I was supposed to be looking at the finished product before they shipped it to Boeing.” Paredes said. “Instead I saw missing parts, incomplete parts, frames that had temporary clamps and missing fasteners, dents in the parts, damaged parts, cut rivets, issues that might occur but should be fixed before they got to me… Everything I was seeing was like a ticking time bomb.”

“When I would see a problem and then we would try to pursue corrective action, at times my quality leadership would discourage us and tell us not to write or pursue corrective actions,” said Irwin, who worked as a quality investigator at Boeing in North Charleston, SC until 2020, adding that Boeing was “infested with ‘yes men’ and bean-counters.”

Flying Vacation by John McArthur is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com
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